”A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ”– Lao Tzu

What is yoga?

Yoga is a philosophy, an age-old view of life; a physical, mental and spiritual training. The word yoga comes from Sanskrit and means connecting, uniting, controlling and also being “reborn”. By breathing, performing postures and meditation, you connect your body, mind and soul. This will deepen your contact with yourself.

Yoga gives peace, balance, flexibility, strength and relaxation. By practicing yoga actively, you can greatly improve the quality of your life. Physically you feel fitter, you purify your energetic body (all energy flows) and you practice a meditative mind.

To get acquainted with yoga, you can take a trial class at a reduced rate. This is of course completely without obligation.

Heart4Yoga offers a 7 P-tools program for greater physical and mental well-being through yoga, consisting of:

1. Proper ~ Breathing techniques and control (proper oxygen intake)

2. Proper ~ Exercises & Movements (yoga & stretching, earthing-walking, cardio, weight training, swimming, dancing, etc …)

3. Proper ~ Relaxation (yin yoga, yoga nidra, guided meditation, massage, light therapy, sound therapy)

4. Proper ~ Diet (the right diet: sugar free / glutenfree / dairy-free and lactose-free)

5. Proper ~ Detoxification (detoxification of body and mind)

-Your thoughts

-Your emotions

-Your body

-Your Chi

6. Proper (positive) Mindset & Meditation (also visualization)

7. Psychosomatic disorders ~ Consciousness / Understanding and Healing your pain

Mental and spiritual work: – Emotional Release Work – Trauma (s) processing – Understanding the (pain) signals of your body – Stress management

Heart4Life feels it is important that you experience in practice what it is like. In our opinion this works more convincingly than all descriptions. Yoga is experiencing and feeling.  Please have a look at our Heart4Life Yoga Package Deals.

When starting, the different postures may feel uncomfortable if we have long maintained tension on the body. By regularly repeating the postures, the accumulated tension is systematically loosened and we experience deeper rest both during class and when leaving. Everyone builds more relaxation, flexibility and strength at their own pace.

The Yoga-Healing Therapy is on request and can be given on Monday and Wednesday mornings, this therapy is intended for people who are in a recovery phase or who want to start with yoga. Yoga mats and cushions are available in the studio, but if you come regularly to the lessons then we advise you from a hygienic point of view to purchase your own mat. Take a towel, blanket or scarf to keep warm during the meditation and the end relaxation (shavasana).

We kindly request you to take into account our neighbors / guests and not to cause noise pollution when entering and leaving the street and / or Yoga Studio. You must also park your car in the designated parking spaces. The door opens 10 minutes before the lesson and closes as soon as we start the lesson. So try to arrive on time or send a message in case of unexpected delay. In the hall there is room for coats and shoes. Respect the silence and turn off your mobile phone before the lesson.



Do not LIVE for meditation, yoga, nutrition etc … But
GIVE yourself meditation, yoga, nutrition etc … to guide your LIFE!