I rely on my intuition and partly on the basis of my extensive experience. Therefore I am able to deliver custom work. With me, no standard programs that are superficially finished. My strongest characteristic is that I feel exactly what people need and what their weaker links are. For example, I am able to include customized exercises in my programs for each individual and / or group. I read body language and penetrate to the core.

The choice to work together since the end of football season 2013-2016 with Mitchell Dijks (Ajax defender, then Willem II) proves successful.

Through my individual approach and specifically tuned to this Yoga, there is Mitchell Dijks (Ajax) made significant progress both physically and mentally. Other top players like Fabian Sporkslede (Ajax) and goalkeeper Kostas Lamprou (Willem II) chose my individual coaching.

Sean Klaiber & Filip Bednarek (FC Utrecht), however, has opted for group lessons Heart4Life.


What benefits are gained by adding Heart4Life Yoga to the training of the top players themselves?

1.     Mental peace


  • fewer violations
  • fewer cards
  • more list field (lowering stress levels)

2.     Improved flexibility of muscles and joints


  • increased range of motion
  • better transfer of talent and skills in the field

3.     Mental and physical balance


  • better interaction between mind and body
  • awareness of emotions and blockades and abolish (improved concentration response s)

4.     Increase in physical strength and endurance


  • better breath control so that players can fully go until the last second during matches

A growing number of athletes integrate yoga into their training. Not only physical fitness but also for the mental aspect.

Trainers, coaches and therapists write Yoga for athletes and sportsmen to improve their strength and flexibility and to prevent injuries.

Yoga creates balance in the body. By means of a series of postures this increases the flexibility and endurance of the muscle.

Yoga reduces injuries, improves concentration, strengthens the “Hulk” (back, abdomen and pelvis) of your body and strengthens the joints by means of low-impact exercises.

Besides the physical benefits yoga offers emotional and mental benefits. By linking the postures with breathing athlete is aware of his body and his mind. It forces the athlete to look within and find inner peace in difficult or stressful situations.

Want to learn some yoga for you or your team can do?

Mail me or call me on +31(0)6-154 69 201.

What are the benefits of (top) athletes from a collaboration with Heart4TopSport?

  • Career extension by avoiding stiffness and loss of sharpness.
  • Stay smooth and sharp.
  • Increase in range, flexibility and freedom of movement.
  • Reduction of muscle / connective tissue tension. Strength in the torso and faster response.
  • Improvement of endurance and functional strength through targeted training of the trunk.
  • Fewer injuries that have to do with muscle overload / limited joint movement / weakness of the trunk.
  • Teaching positive training habits in young athletes so that they remain flexible and continue to actively care for their body.


How does Heart4TopSport work?

How does Heart4TopSport work? Work is done on the scope, repositioning of connective tissue and trunk stability through low load specifically for the needs of the athlete. Both individually and in groups, athletes are helped to remain flexible and improve dexterity (within the Range Of Motion). This, combined with the stability of an indoor system characterized by a low load, then provides movement control.

All training is based on functional movement relevant to the specific sport in order to ensure that athletes remain flexible and in the meantime can move more freely and efficiently. The training is set up around normal ROM (Range Of Motion) and hull provisions. This way, the athletes themselves understand what needs to be changed and how they can make progress themselves.

Do you want to know more about what yoga can mean for you or your team after reading this information? Mail or call me at +31(0)6-154 69 201.


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