Listen to your heart. It knows everything, because it comes from the soul of the world and there it will ever return. – Paulo Coelho

Under this heading, I wanted to start a company. Throughout my life I discovered- and learned that I can take responsibility for the quality of my life. I have had to take bumps to overcome my fear and let go of certainties to come home in the world. I worked hard and, especially in the beginning it was not easy to get the discipline needed to always be one step further.

Living from the heart. From love for the mystery that is life. Grateful that you may be there. Thankfully that you can give love. To have a guide to live by. To WANT a loving existence.

My search for -as it turned out later- opening my heart has led me to many spiritual and philosophical paths. I eventually found my roots in the wisdom of the East. There I found the teachers and techniques that were the origin for me and from which Heart4Life arose.

In today’s world of rush, stress, materialism, junk food and endless relational misconceptions I advocate a lifestyle that can provide happiness, the peace that we seek and brings forth the love that I believe we crave.

Often it seems to me as if we are little children who are in the dark without parents. The strongest gets the little water and little food there is. The rest survives living in fear. How could this be otherwise? That’s what we do not know yet. And that is the mission of Heart4Life. Offering an alternative. Working on yourself so that the world will benefit. How beautiful!

” I’m Starting With The Man In The Mirror. “ By changing everything changes.

What I’ve learned and I’ve mastered myself I want to share with anyone who feels addressed. For the time being Heart4Life involves Heart4Yoga and Heart4Food. Two essential pillars for real change. It takes effort to change. Continued engagement. It does not know laziness. However, do we want to remain slaves of an existence in which we contribute to destruction or are we going to challenge that carries the reward of a loving life? Any person making the choice.

Under the dome Heart4Life inspiring texts and facts will be posted regularly that help to continue to feel the need of spiritual communion from which the discipline we all need perpetuates.

Below are some statements that particularly appeal to me and are indicating essentially where my little company stands for:

  • Kindness in words creates confidence, Kindness in thinking creates profoundness, Kindness in giving creates love.
  • Carpe Diem!
  • You achieve greater happiness in simplicity, not complexity. Simplify minimalize your life.
  • You can’t stop the waves, But you can learn how to surf. Who hears the music of the soul, controls the melody of life.
  • Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness.
  • Patience is the best prayer.
  • Whatever difficulties you may have had in the past, you can now make a new beginning.
  • Peace comes from within. Do not look without.
  • The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart will suffer.
  • Any prejudice that you let go, make your life happier.
  • Every man is his own prison, but anyone can acquire the right to escape. Never give up.
  • Problems do not happen on your way. These are signs that you have to decipher.
  • Willpower is an absolute necessity for spiritual progress. Will is that what turns thought into energy!

My dream has come true with the launch of the Heart4Life website. I hope to welcome many of you as a student. That is my heart’s desire.

I wish you more and more to succeed in staying healthy with yourself, listening to your heart and choosing your own path.

LOVE & LIGHT heartwarming, loving hugs and kisses,

Phung Ophaslat … .xoxoxoxo

reach your potential

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