My emphasis is not on first taking “Action”.
My emphasis is on “Being” self-awareness and self-love.
Discover your “Being” first.
First BE, than the right ACTIONS will follow …

Yoga-Therapy & Yoga-Healing

Yoga’s beneficial effect on both body and mind is now generally known. However, not everyone can come along equally well in a regular yoga class. We take this into account in yoga therapy; during these lessons, not the form of the exercise, but the possibilities of man are central. The goal is always finding balance, both literally and figuratively. Based on Hatha yoga exercises, during these sessions we work on improving breathing, relaxation and meditation.

The approach is always personal, which is why yoga therapy is often given as a private session or in small groups. In this way, the exercises can be optimally attuned to the individual wishes, needs and circumstances of the participant. As a result, experience with yoga is not necessary.

Yoga therapy can be a good addition to combating a variety of chronic physical (pain) complaints, curing (sports) injuries and reducing stress and sleeplessness. If desired, yoga therapy is supplemented with nutritional advice.

Experience the power of healing yoga, become freer, more energetic and regain your peace and balance with Yoga-Healing at Heart4Life!



Heart4Life start Yoga-Healing classes for (ex) cancer patients and people with a chronic illness. Yoga-Healing offers support in the recovery and processing process, for example after an operation, after radiation, chemotherapy and / or hormone therapy. Yoga-Healing is explicitly intended as a supplement to all regular (after) care.



• supports surgery, irradiation, chemotherapy and / or hormone therapy

• put yourself in your personal power, you discover how you can influence your health and the quality of your life

• brings relaxation, flexibility and reduces stress

• stimulates the self healing ability of the body

• strengthens the inner strength and the immune system

• inspires, motivates and gives self-confidence

• improves concentration, breathing, sleep, eating, and living rhythm

A Yoga-Healing lesson consists of:

  • Psychosomatic disorders – Understanding and Healing your pain / Proper mindset
  • Vitalising breathing exercises that activate the self-healing ability of the body, giving you more insight into your mental, emotional physical and spiritual background of the disease. Good breathing strengthens the immune system.
  • Simple (adapted) gentle yoga exercises to develop more relaxation, rest and balance in mind and body.
  • Meditation (guidance) and Visualization
  • Nutritional advice

The Yoga Healing is suitable for people who are limited in their movement and flexibility but who can perform simple yoga exercises.

Pay attention! It is recommended that a participant consults his or her attending physician before attending a Yoga Healing lesson in case of contraindications.

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Every monday and wednesday morning.
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Price: 5 session card for € 200, –
Telephone: +31 (0) 6 154 69 201
RABO: NL77 RABO0332778606 t.n.v. mw. A. Ophaslat (Heart4life)

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