About Me

Pleased to meet you,

I am Phung Ophaslat, mother of two loving sons and founder of Heart4Life.
My country of birth is Thailand and I have lived in the Netherlands since 1975.

I have both nationalities and stay for half of the time in the Netherlands and Thailand.

Heart4Life consists of four parts in which I can completely express my passions: Heart4Yoga, Heart4Food, Heart4Healing, Heart4TopSport.

My mother is my guru! Through her, my interest in yoga has been aroused. She has been practicing yoga for years. My passion for yoga has awakened at the gym. Since then, yoga has occupied an increasingly important place in my life and I have been training yoga more and more at various yoga schools. Thanks, mommy!

Yoga gives me balance, inner peace and pleasure. All elements that help me with the often hectic life of today. In addition to my Basic Yoga Teacher training at Yoga Point (Netherlands), I completed an education in International Chakra Yoga and Yoga Healing teacher at Pyramid Yoga Center (Thailand).

To keep track of my teaching skills and my yoga experience, I regularly study and follow courses and workshops from national and international teachers. As a Freelancer I provide yoga classes and workshops at various locations. I also have my own Yoga Studio in Maarssen, where I provide for yoga classes several times a week, according to an open reservation system.

I also provide for Yoga Healing, Office Yoga, Private Yoga lessons and Emotional Release Work on request – whether or not combined with my second passion Heart4Food.


Heart4Life envision a society in which people take responsibility for their personal development and the well-being of their environment.

Everyone and everything is more and more connected in a world that is changing faster than ever.

The Art of Life is Self-awareness, Self-introspection, Self-acceptance, Self-confidence / motivation, Self-Realization to nurture and develop Love and Self-knowledge so that practical action and thinking are supported by the wisdom of the Heart. Because only the heart knows the way to connection and gives room for respect, compassion and forgiveness.

It is man’s ability to love, to personally take development and innovation as his own responsibility.

This allows us to create another society. One in which our fellow man realizes that personal quality of life and joy of life depends on the common interest.

The Heart4Life philosophy therefore goes against the current trend of individualisation (everyone for himself) in present day’s society.



Creating a meeting place for fun, humor, balance and connection from an integral vision of health and well-being.

My core values ​​are personal responsibility, personal attention, positivity, fun, professionalism and quality.

I am who I am, who I were and…who I forever will be 

I am my own guru, the guru is in me… the life within me is that path I love to walk upon… an infinite path to love, to be conscious of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

I came into this life to connect myself in love and truth with all that lives, grows and blossoms (nature, people, animals, trees).

I come from the land of smiles (Thailand). Every day I have a smile on my face. “A smile is a wordless conversation”. My eyes are the mirrors of my soul and speak the truth of what I am and what I feel.

I am passionate, a person of feelings, a seeer and a traveller who searches for Awareness, Love and Light around me and who wishes to bring these forth: “One lightning the world makes it shine”

There are no teacher(s) or healer(s); only a traveler of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead – ahead of myself as well as you. ― George Bernard Shaw

My advise for you…Follow yourself at all times…(and surrender yourself when needed)

Even if you’re wrong, follow yourself. You’ll learn and see things. Even if you are right, follow yourself. Follow yourself at all times, be your own guru, master and student, dare to follow yourself and the rest will come. Enjoy the steps you experience on your own unique path of life because if you dare to follow, success and your goal are guaranteed. 

This applies to all of us. It is the greatest test and challenge in this life, follow yourself. 

I wish you always… that you always manage better to keep yourself healthy, listen to your heart and choose your own path. 

In love, light & energy,

Phung Ophaslat xoxoxo

Chakra-Healing yoga teacher & Emotional Cleansing & Release Consultant