About Me

Pleased to meet you,

I am Phung Ophaslat,

My gift is that I bear in me millennia of ancient wisdom that I want to use in the right way for the world, that I am empathetic for the needs of others and I am able to see through the eyes of other people. That’s why people (even strangers) trust me with their deepest feelings. People ask me for advice and they come to peace with me. I am also very creative and I am overflowing with ideas and inspiration. In addition, I am optimistic, forgiving, emotionally balanced and I have a great sense of humor for and in life.

I am a mother of two loving sons and founder of Heart4Life. My country of birth is Thailand and I have lived in the Netherlands since 1975.

My interest in yoga was sparked by my mother. Since then, yoga has taken an increasingly important place in my life. Which made me take the step to become an internationally certified hatha, yin and chakra healing yoga teacher. Gradually I integrated my knowledge of and experience with the millennia old science of yoga, Emotional Cleansing & Release work, proper nutrition and breathing techniques into a cohesive whole, so that my tiny yoga studio developed into a practice for Holistic Healing. Through targeted training, self-study and attending workshops I continuously deepen my knowledge and skills as a Holistic Healing coach. Not only does yoga help me find my path to self-fulfillment and inner growth, I also have the honor to help other people discover themselves.

In Thailand (2015-2018) I successfully helped some clients to recover from cancer, stage 4.

Because the regulations and restrictions that have made traveling seriously difficult since March 2020, I decided to set up a 28-day Holistic Healing retreat in the Netherlands.

Heart4Life consists of four parts in which I can completely express my passions: Heart4Yoga, Heart4Food, Heart4Healing, Holistic Healing, Heart4TopSport.

The four parts of Heart4Life give me balance, vitality, inner peace and joy. These elements help me to find my way in the often hectic life of today in which many people become overstimulated, stressed or depressed and as a result often develop diseases and addictions.

Companies, individuals, gyms and yoga schools can hire me for group lessons, workshops, Chakra healing yoga, Office Yoga, Private Yoga lessons, Emotional Cleansing & Release Work in consultation on location – whether or not combined with my second passion: Heart4Food. Because body, soul and spirit need the right nutrition to achieve holistic health.

Professional athletes and sports associations can also hire me, either for the entire team or for one specific player (read here about my coaching of Mitchell Dijks and Sean Klaiber).

As a Holistic healing coach, Chakra healing yoga teacher and Emotional Cleansing & Release Consultant I can help you to become aware again of your deepest origins of BEING, such as Health, Love, Peace, Harmony, Happiness, Tranquility, Peace and Unity.

Your mental, physical and emotional health is my number one priority.

For holistic healing it is necessary to detox on four levels:
1. your thoughts
2. your emotions
3. your body
4. your prana

Detoxing at these four levels strengthens your immune system, leaving you whole again – feeling healthy, relaxed, vital, energized and optimistic.

By paying the right attention and commitment to these four pillars, I have cured myself of: (childhood) trauma (caused by repeated physical and mental abuse, repeated sexual abuse, bullying, loss of loved ones), asthma, chronic depression, anxiety and panic attacks, the physical injuries and mental and emotional trauma as a result of a car and a motorscooter accident, addictions, burnout, and nervous breakdown.

My path to healing actually led me to the discovery and elaboration of these four pillars and because of that I am an expert in the field of healing of degenerative diseases and mental disorders.

Based on my personal experience in healing my own illnesses and (mental) disorders as well as guiding clients on their path to healing, combined with the millennia-old science and philosophy of yoga, I have developed the 7P-Tools with which I successfully guide my clients towards healing their physical and mental illnesses and disorders:

1. Proper Breathing Techniques and Control (proper oxygen intake)
2. Proper Mindset and Meditation
3. Proper Exercises & Movements
4. Proper Relaxation
5. Proper Diet
6. Proper Detoxification of body, mind, emotion & prana (chi)
7. Proper Awareness of Psychosomatic Disorders / Understanding and Healing Your Pain

Wholeness is not just limited to your physical health, but it also includes your mental and spiritual health:
– Emotional cleansing and liberation work;
– ‎Trauma(s) processing;
– ‎Understanding the (pain) signals of your body;
– Manage stress levels

Remember that illnesses may always come back. The body has its own (learning) processes that do not care about our logic and deadlines. With each apparent relapse, you become more and more aware of the nature and cause of your illness. Every body is unique and through trial and error you will find your right path to healing.

With my guidance I don’t overload you with psychological medication and clichés, but I really help you forward on your path to healing.

80 percent craftsmanship, 20 percent humor and ZERO percent bullshit!

Are you willing to give up the things that make you sick and tackle your problems at the root?

I always wish you and your loved ones a wonderful journey. A journey within yourself and outside yourself…

And I wish for you that you are assisted in letting go of the old layers of yourself that no longer serve you, the healing of unprocessed emotions, finding your breath, the stillness within yourself, and creating a beautiful vision or dream for your life.

In love, light, warmth and success,


Phung Ophaslat xoxoxoxo


Heart4Life envision a society in which people take responsibility for their personal development and the well-being of their environment.

Everyone and everything is more and more connected in a world that is changing faster than ever.

The Art of Life is Self-awareness, Self-introspection, Self-acceptance, Self-confidence / motivation, Self-Realization to nurture and develop Love and Self-knowledge so that practical action and thinking are supported by the wisdom of the Heart. Because only the heart knows the way to connection and gives room for respect, compassion and forgiveness.

It is man’s ability to love, to personally take development and innovation as his own responsibility.

This allows us to create another society. One in which our fellow man realizes that personal quality of life and joy of life depends on the common interest.

The Heart4Life philosophy therefore goes against the current trend of individualisation (everyone for himself) in present day’s society.



Creating a meeting place for fun, humor, balance and connection from an integral vision of health and well-being.

My core values ​​are personal responsibility, personal attention, positivity, fun, professionalism and quality.

I am who I am, who I were and…who I forever will be 

I am my own guru, the guru is in me… the life within me is that path I love to walk upon… an infinite path to love, to be conscious of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

I came into this life to connect myself in love and truth with all that lives, grows and blossoms (nature, people, animals, trees).

I come from the land of smiles (Thailand). Every day I have a smile on my face. “A smile is a wordless conversation”. My eyes are the mirrors of my soul and speak the truth of what I am and what I feel.

I am passionate, a person of feelings, a seeer and a traveller who searches for Awareness, Love and Light around me and who wishes to bring these forth: “One lightning the world makes it shine”

There are no teacher(s) or healer(s); only a traveler of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead – ahead of myself as well as you. ― George Bernard Shaw

My advise for you…Follow yourself at all times…(and surrender yourself when needed)

Even if you’re wrong, follow yourself. You’ll learn and see things. Even if you are right, follow yourself. Follow yourself at all times, be your own guru, master and student, dare to follow yourself and the rest will come. Enjoy the steps you experience on your own unique path of life because if you dare to follow, success and your goal are guaranteed. 

This applies to all of us. It is the greatest test and challenge in this life, follow yourself. 

I wish you always… that you always manage better to keep yourself healthy, listen to your heart and choose your own path. 

In love, light & energy,

Phung Ophaslat xoxoxo

Holistic Healing coach – Emotional Cleansing & Release Consultant – Chakra-Healing Yoga Therapy Teacher

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