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Join us at Pyramid Yoga for our upcoming, 4 Week Healing and Education course. Through the immense experience of David’s 47 years as a yogi and healer, learn the science and techniques that can empower both your own healing but also that in others.

David has had many years of success in coaching students and clients through overcoming disease, with great success against ailments such as terminal cancers, thyroid diseases, auto-immune diseases, psychosomatics issues, depression and many more. His approach does not require cutting-edge western scientific methodology, but instead transmitting the understanding that we all have the tools (such as our extraordinary immune system) that is capable of supplying perfect health. This health that we are all capable of living (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually) is simply a product of the right belief systems and a systematic, scientific approach (this is yoga) to taking your health back into your own hands.

More specifically, you will learn:

• The fundamental causes of most disease states.
• The amazing capabilities of our auto immune system.
• Differences between bacteria, friendly or infectious, and viruses.
• How our system is designed to deal with them.
• Degenerative diseases; the problems and the solutions.
• Basic physiology of breathing and the role of oxygen in healing.
• Practical application of procedures to activate the breath and infuse the bloodstream with higher levels of oxygen.
• Individual dis-empowerment due to out-dated medical education.
• Empowerment through Chakra yoga.
• Simple movement exercises that anyone can do.
• Easy breathing techniques done in any posture.
• Knowledge to build confidence in your own body’s healing capabilities.
• Fundamentals of Mind/Body natural medicine.

If you are suffering from ill health and coming to this course for healing:

• You will be treated with loving care.
• You receive individual attention as needed.
• Daily sessions in Quantum Sound Therapy.
• Therapeutic touch.
• Emotional release work (with David or Phung at extra cost)

This course is ideal for anybody looking to understand the true reality of your health. It is highly recommended for anybody currently sufferring from disease, with an educational retreat into nature the perfect opportunity to heal. David will inspire a shift in your understanding that will both improve the quality of your life but potentially those around you. Simply through the ancient science of yoga.

This is a 4 week course (from May 1st until May26th) with accommodation options available to you at an extra (but very reasonable price). We have an on-site restaurant, daily yoga classes and a warm community of like-minded people.

Feel free to come up to Pyramid Yoga Center for a chat and look around, or check out our website at

Price is $1200 USD for all course material and instruction. Private sessions with David or Phung (David’s healing partner) can be organised at an extra cost.


Pyramid Yoga Center
58/34, moo 8, Ko Phangan, Surat Thani, Thailand 84280

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