Immuno-Health Upgrade Program 2017

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Hello everyone,

Our client, who has done the 21 days Immuno-Health Upgrade4Cancer Remission program with us in Koh Phangan/Thailand (november 7th 2016) is cured of his stomach cancer! As proof we received his medical report.

He, like many people, had never done yoga! So, you see that with (new) belief, determination, perseverance, hope, inner power and positivity you can cure a disease yourself.

We have more new cancer patients come to us for healing because we have shown again and again that our program produces positive results with beneficial side effects while chemo, radiation and (extreme) operation(s) help only temporarily and, wipe out the immune system (perhaps only temporarily, but still leaving the patient vulnerable).

We want this 21-day Immuno-Health Upgrade Program4Cancer Remission also to expand in Mediterranean Europe in the form of Yoga4Self-Healing Retreats. People would then have no need to travel to Thailand for a self-healing program. That would be much more convenient for people in Europe, where the cancer rates are very high. (I’m still working on it to organize this as best as possible.)

Our “Immuno-Health Upgrade 4 Cancer Remission Program” is focused on the strengthening of the immune system from the inside out and, therefore, your overall health is boosted as the ‘side effect’. The method is therefore very effective in alleviating a variety of disorders such as asthma, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, spinal injuries, high blood pressure, heart problems and, of course, many other health problems.

Cancer (or other chronic / degenerative diseases) are not the cause by themselves; it is the diseased lifestyle of the person that creates the development of excess cancer cells and disable the immune response. (or other chronic / degenerative diseases).

Without knowing how to re-establish our health with positive action and thought we might be habitually trapped in the patterns that keep our disease hanging on; bad breathing habits for example.

The causes of a disease can be found in biological, social or psychological factors.

Vulnerability to get a disease such as cancer and other diseases, is caused by oxygen deficiency, poor diet, stress, repressed emotions, parenting / life experiences such as unresolved conflicts and concerns, emotional trauma from the past, which is still present in the subconscious, etc. ..and all lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

A successful cancer Healing contains the following ingredients: “Yoga” = exercises (postures), breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation, sound therapy, massage, thorough detoxification, and modification of diet. Mental work with concentration and consciousness, or what some would call spiritual work.

Grateful I am, that I can teach my patients / clients, support and help to make them aware of their own (inner) strength and ability to heal themselves of cancer and / or other diseases.

My work as a light worker / yoga teacher I do from my heart and soul. With love and passion to get people moving towards a healthy, vital, happy and contented life, independent of drugs/medicine.

For now I would like to thank you for your time, effort and attention for reading my post.

I always wish you all the best! “Satisfaction and Patience” are in my opinion the words to have a happy healthy life. Overall I’m satisfied with myself, but I need to do some more work on my patience, haha.



Phung Ophaslat xoxoxoxo

Immuno-Health Upgrade, A Community Education Immunity

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