Immuno-Health Upgrade Program 2016 Koh Phangan (Thailand)

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Hello everyone,

In recent months I had the privilege to work with master yogi David Goulet. He is a very gifted yoga guru who has been practicing nine forms of yoga for over 45 years.

During that time David has worked successfully with people suffering from various forms of cancer, and seen the cancer go into remission many times. The first occurrence where someone healed of cancer thanks to David’s method already took place in 1978 (breast cancer leaked into lymph nodes), and since then many more remissions have been produced.

His “immuno-health upgrade (cancer remission) program” is aimed at strengthening the immune system from the inside out, so that the White blood cells, particularly the Killer T cells are stimulated in production and tuned up to peak performance. (These are the cells which hunt down malignant cells and destroy them; hence “killer” cells. The method has shown to be very effective in alleviating a variety of other disorders such as asthma, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, spinal injuries, high blood pressure, heart problems and, of course, many other health problems. The side effects of participating in this type of yoga healing are just greater health all around.

A great example of the healing power of yoga is in the case of B.K.S. Iyengar, the founder of the world-renowned lyengar yoga method. He suffered from many diseases when he was young and overcame them with the practice of yoga.

In countries such as India it is widely accepted that yoga is the solution to health problems.

Unfortunately in the Western form of yoga this powerful science is often reduced to a fitness program. This is partly due to the power of traditional Western medicine. Western medicine – led by the pharmaceutical industry – does not benefit from self-healing. They want to induce a cure from the outside by means of medication, radiation or surgery, which are Very profitable methods for them and a very expensive health care method for those who are sick.

Western Medicine regard the sick body as a machine that is broken and can only be repaired with expensive and complex chemical compositions, or cutting out and replacing parts, like in an automobile.

It’s now time to all wake up and open our eyes up to the healing power of yoga for people around us who need it most.

Yoga in its most powerful form is not to fight disease, but for creating health; it has recently been proven scientifically effective, and time tested over centuries. Yoga creates dynamic health that repels all diseases.

Here we must add that some degree of hope and trust needs to be part of the equation. Without hope your immune system gives up and accepts what your mind sees as inevitable sickness. This has been observed in the scientific research in the field of neurobiology and is called the Nocebo effect, with the opposite response of Placebos.

The Immuno-response Upgrade teaches clients to amplify hope with daily experiences improving breath capacity and exercise. Hope develops into confidence in the body’s ability to heal, while the mental program is upgraded to see yourself as a victor rather than victim of disease. Students/clients are taught step by step how to engage the natural healing forces, taking responsibility for the condition of body and mind. This allows them to make the mental shift from helpless victims to empowered self-healing individuals.

Full Spectrum Yoga (not fitness yoga) gives people not only trust in self-healing, but it also provides the tools with which the immune system can be brought back to peak performance. This is the opposite of chemotherapy, where the immune system is destroyed, and oddly enough, you pay a lot for the destruction, or someone does.

From the Western culture we are raised with the idea that when you are sick you go to the doctor and then he prescribes a pill that would make you healthy. We now know better, as modern statistics show escalating numbers in so many degenerative diseases: cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, etc. Should it not be clear that the pharmaceutical industry and its medically trained staff has failed?

However, because only the fitness aspect of yoga with stretching and relaxation is known in the West, the real value of this ancient system of Mind-Body medicine remains in the dark. Because of the lack of knowledge about the healing potential of yoga in the West, many people are sceptical. They do not believe that it is possible to heal cancer by practicing yoga. Of course that is understandable because very little is known about the comprehensive education of yoga.

Personally, I understand and firmly believe in the healing powers of yoga. I have experienced this myself when I first started yoga during my own serious illness. And recently in collaboration with David Goulet our method has cured a stage 4 stomach cancer patient in 21 days. We received medical test records which verified the results.

Instead of scepticism without any knowledge of yoga and our method, I would advise anyone to delve further in this before judging.

Healing yourself with your own inner strength by yoga instead of chemo, radiation and unnecessary operations should be welcomed as a really inspiring possibility.

No matter how difficult it can be to let go of old beliefs (everyone believed the earth was flat, not so long ago) we could deepen our knowledge in the alternative perspective of full spectrum yoga as the way to go.

It is therefore of great importance for what I write here, to read it carefully and quietly instead of quickly judging or condemning.

Someone’s (new) faith, patience, determination, perseverance, and positive attitude helps them in the healing process. So this is not just about having a positive attitude, but developing a positive belief system based on the latest scientific research and testing it with practice and experience.

The people who come to David and me for healing, learn our method and with confidence, willpower, determination and enthusiasm they apply it to themselves. It cannot be mixed with the poisons of chemo, otherwise the treatment is not effective and there will be no healing.

My intent to dedicate my life to this, stems from the best of intentions: to put sick people in their strength and have them heal themselves. My intention is completely pure. I do not pretend in any way that I am a “healer”, I guide people in self-healing.

My calling and purpose in life is to educate people, to support and help to make them aware of their own inner strength and ability to heal themselves and cure from cancer and / or other diseases. And this I still do from my personal conviction.

If someone never or hardly did yoga and is not aware of the full spectrum of yoga, it is impossible for him/her to say whether yoga would not contribute to the cure of cancer. Neither can he/she claim that yoga is just a helpful exercise and not a means. It is not a new age alternative, but has a history that predates western medicine by thousands of years.

The majority of Western doctors have an incomplete picture about what is actually healthy. They are trained by the pharmaceutical industry, an industry that is made up of companies focused on profit maximisation. Therefore, it should be obvious they benefit more from chronic illnesses with long term prescriptions. Cures are not profitable.

Most of us come into contact with cancer, either because you get it yourself, or because someone in your immediate environment gets it.

Some of my best friends died of lung cancer. With the applied knowledge I now have, I would still have them … but they are no longer here … in my heart they live on.

Now – with the methods David and I are using – I am able to teach people to heal themselves from cancer without chemotherapy, radiation, drugs, etc.

How amazing is that? It is such greatness that I would shout from the rooftops that there is such a method! How beautiful it is to know that this method works and is effective for your overall health. But like those who said the earth is round, I am greeted with scepticism.

I am completely open to people who want to know and learn more about our method with an open mind and critical eye.

But those who are exclusively negative or to advise me to be careful of my claims, I have difficulty taking them seriously, their world is still flat, their beliefs outdated.

The often-heard argument from them that I would give people unnecessarily hope is out of fear. However, it is not a false hope, but hope is an emotional reality verified by science! Me giving them hope is based on my own personal experience, and from the pure intention to help people heal.

I see myself more as a Emotional Release Consultant, yoga teacher and a realist / activist in the fight against abuses and corruption in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

I am here to love and help myself and my fellow men/women, to educate, support and help in any way those who come my way (and believe in what I have learned). It is important to trust and open ourselves so we can become aware of our (emotional) suppressed blockages to heal ourselves on physical, mental and emotional health / wellness issues. This is one of my skills, used in helping people move towards a vital, happy and contented independent life, free of the drugs they call medicines. I do this with all the skills, knowledge, and experience I have.

My thanks especially go out to my children Celestial and Zion who made this possible for me and for the people who are open and brave, despite the loss of a friend or a loved one to cancer. They believe in me / our method and are genuinely happy that we are there.

Many people have a negative opinion or judge and condemn me, but do so without any knowledge regarding the truth about cancer, or about our method and process.

The conservatism is based on FEAR, uncertainty and doubt, with little understanding about human possibilities.

I believe in what I do and that what I do is right. Again, I’m not some sort of doctor / healer …, but I have succeeded in healing myself, and I teach others the same, simple as that.

You do not need to believe me or agree with me (I respect everyone’s opinion and that respect I expect from others). But please try yoga (experience its powers) go investigate, study it and build up your knowledge … because knowledge gives security and power!

For now I want to thank you for your time, effort and attention reading my post.

I wish you that you always manage better to keep yourself healthy, listen to your heart and choose your own path. In love & light loving hugs and kisses ….

Phung Ophaslat xoxoxoxo

Immuno-Health Upgrade
A Community Immunity Education

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